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Introducing the all new RAWBRASSTRUMPETS (RBT) trumpet mouthpieces. Every rim and cup size has been hand sculpted and contoured by Ben Zagrean for optimum comfort, playability and originality. The originals were than scanned and manufactured using todays CNC units. Because of this human element in the construction of the mouthpieces they feel very comfortable on the chops. Below is a quick description of each one.

BBZ2 – 0.665″  Interior Diameter (16.90mm) – Extra Wide Confort Rim – Throat #22 – Orchestral Backbore – Deep Cup Depth – BBZ2 is the largest mouthpiece we make. (It is similar to a 1.5 C/B)

BZ2 – 0.665″ Interior Diameter (16.90mm) – Extra Wide Comfort Rim – Throat #22 – Medium Backbore – Medium Cup Depth – The BZ2 is first mouthpiece we made  Great for all around use as well as training to play without excess pressure. (It is similar to 1.5 D)

XD4 – 0.655″ Interior diameter (16.63mm) – Medium Rounded Rim – Throat #10 (very big) – Open Backbore – Deep Cup – The XD4 is the most open mouthpiece we make with a huge throat. Extreme sound production. (Dual Cup Design)

B4 – 0.655″ Interior Diameter (16.63mm) – Medium Rounded Rim – Throat#22 – Orchestral Backbore – Deep Cup – (Similar to a 3B)

D4 – 0.655″ Interior Diameter (16.63mm) – Medium Rounded Rim – Throat #22 – Medium Backbore – Medium Cup  – The D4 shares the rim design with the XD4  and B4 and it is probably the most versatile mouthpiece. (Similar to a 3C/D)

C70.640″ Interior Diameter (16.25) – Our improved version of the standard 7C. – Throat 25 –  The rim has more bite than the EZ8 and it is deeper as well. It is a great all around piece for those who prefer this diameter.

EZ8 – 0.638″ Interior Diameter (16.20) – Semi Flat Rim (still very comfortable) – Throat #22 – Tight Bakbore – Semi Shallow cup -the EZ8 is very easy to play for anyone including students.

ZL12 – 0.630″ Interior Diameter (16.00mm) – Tapered Exterior Rim (for grip) – Throat #22 – Lead Backbore – Shallow cup (additional chop room to prevent bottoming out) – The ZL12 is simply the best lead trumpet mouthpiece I have ever played. Period

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BZ2, XD4, D4, EZ8, ZL12, BBZ2, B4, C7

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